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How Music Helps Brain Development in Children

How Music Helps Brain Development in Children

Various studies have found that engagement with music can lead to an improvement in brain development in children. A study at Northwestern University found better neural processing in students who played a musical instrument when they were compared with students who simply listened to music. This study shows the importance of receiving music education, rather than simply turning on background music when students are doing work in other subjects.

Music strengthens brain functions

In the last few decades, neuroscientists have taken enormous steps in understanding how the brain works. They have found that playing music amounts to complete physical activity for the brain. The disciplined and structured practice of music strengthens brain functions, allowing them to apply these forces to other activities.

Playing an instrument helps develop the left hemisphere of the brain where the individual’s linguistic and mathematical precision is combined. Taking into account, that it is in the right hemisphere of the brain, where the person’s new and creative content is found. Neuroscientists has found that playing music increases the transmission routes between both hemispheres of the brain, allowing the individual to solve problems more effectively and creatively in academic and social contexts.

Enhanced Memory Functions

Musicians have been found to have enhanced memory functions: They create, store and retrieve memories much more quickly and efficiently. Since making music also involves developing and understanding its message and emotional content, musicians often have higher levels of executive functions, and interrelated task category that encompasses planning and strategy formulation

Increased IQ

Other studies have also found increases in IQ points in children who engaged with music. When compared with students who didn’t take any music lessons, musically-engaged students had more improvements in IQ subtests, index scores, and a standardized measure of academic achievement.

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